by Big Monster

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from the upcoming ep, "Love in a Collapsing World"
summer 2017


Looking in to your eyes as you're looking in to mine
They're reciting those lies we won't believe this time

Baby, don't bring me down
We gonna get out of here someday
Honey, no one will save us now
Together we gotta find another way

Awake all these sleepless nights, wishing you were by my side
It's all gone to shit but when I'm with you, I know it's gonna be alright


One day they gonna see everything we know, you and me
One day, I know it's true, me and you - we're gonna make it through


released April 6, 2017
© 2017 | a. hommes | bmi

composed, produced & performed by
big monster

recorded in
minneapolis, mn




Big Monster Minneapolis, Minnesota

Mon·ster \ noun \ män(t)-stər \ 1. A strange or horrible imaginary creature \ 2. A powerful person or thing that cannot be controlled and that causes many problems.

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